More of a flash than anything else, but it has a title. Why? Because who cares.

[Evil man not paying attention makes mistake.]

“And so I’m pleased to report that the plan without off without a hitch, your Overlordship!” Ricardo said with only barely-concealed pride. It had certainly been a tough one and there had been times when he’d been worried he might let down his beloved Overlord Malefic, but he’d really pulled it out.

Ricardo looked across the expansive boardroom table at Overlord Malefic, awaiting a response. He wasn’t the only one. The other members of Overlord Malefic’s Council of Crime seated were suitably impressed with young Ricardo and were keen to see how he might be rewarded.

Without really watching what he was doing Overlord Malefic reached across to his ominous control panel and flipped the switch the caused Ricardo’s chair to tip its occupant out into the pit below. Screaming, Ricardo disappeared from sight as the chair snapped back up again to seal his only possible route of escape. His screaming – rising in pitch – continued for a few seconds only to terminate very suddenly (not to mention wetly) as the starved RazorBeast kept below devoured him whole.

The boardroom was very, very quiet. Overlord Malefic was used to some general, amused, evil laughter following summary executions and so looked up to see everyone staring at him, aghast.

“What?” He asked, then he looked to the now-empty chair and it clicked.

“Oh crap, he did what I told him to do, didn’t he? I’m so used to people failing I wasn’t…” He trailed off, sucking his teeth. Those around the table nodded, their eyes wide. Overlord Malefic sheepishly laid his phone onto the table.

“I was looking at pictures of cats doing amusing things. Shit. Shit…”

Groaning he rubbed his face. This evil overlord business must have been taking more out of him than he suspected if he made a mistake like that. But he could still salvage this. He wasn’t an overlord for nothing. Pulling his hands away he snapped his fingers, making those nearest him flinch.

“Okay. If anyone asks I thought he was making a power play, alright? I saw it coming, I preempted it. That’s what happened, okay?” He asked, looking around the table. Everyone he looked at nodded.

“Whatever you say boss.”
“It’s believable.”

“Good. Now. Moment of silence of Ricardo,” Overlord Malefic said.

There followed a moment of silence for Ricardo.

“He truly was the best of us,” Overlord Malefic said once the moment had passed before clapping his hands together and looking around the table.

“Right, who’s next to report? I’m paying attention this time, I swear.”

No-one laughed at this.



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